CP Padmakumar Anusmaram (12-05-2018)
C .P. Padmakumar Foundation's annual memorial function will be held at Kanakakkunnu Palace Thiruvananthapuram on May 12th 2018.

The function commences with the C.P. Padmakumar Memorial Lecture by Shri. Moinak Biswas on the topic: “Claims that Bodies Make: Representation, Democracy and Indian Cinema.”

The day's program will conclude with a veena recital by Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh & team.
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Picture Gallery
Evening session starts 6 pm onwards.
Memorial Lecture by Shri. Moinak Biswas.
Veena recital by Dr. Jayanthi Kumares.
Evening session ends at 9 PM.