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Padmakumar began his cine career as an assistant director to the late G Aravindan, the flag bearer of the parallel stream in Malayalam cinema. He also assisted National-award winning director Aravindan in all his movies except Pokkuveyil. Padmakumar also worked as an art director in films like Thampu, Suryante Maranam, Esthappan, Naseema, Oridathu, Vaasthuhara and Swaham. Though he had only two feature films to his credit as a director, Padmakumar was a man who walked in the league of Malayalam cinema's stalwarts, when the medium was going through a period of transformation in the late seventies. He made his directorial debut with 'Aparna' in 1981.

His second film, 'Sammohanam', which released in 1994, was the work that marked him as an ace director. It won the 'Best of the Fest' Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 1995. Both 'Aparna' and 'Sammohanam' were also produced by him...